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Water Conservation

Water Conservation

Water is one amongst the most precious resources we have on this earth and it is under increasing stress. Parachute Kalpavriksha Foundation has taken lot of initiatives in this area and leading to a positive impact.

Parachute Kalpavriksha not only encourages farmers to take up water conservation activities but also provides financial support for construction of farm Ponds. Over exploitation of ground water had led to lot of challenges to farmers in recent times. With lower rainfall andfrequent droughts,the issue hasonly exacerbated. At times Coconut farmers have been forced to buy water for farming during dry seasons. Farm pond construction helps in recharging ground water levels by enabling absorption of the rainwater into the ground.  Not only does the ground water level increase, but also the sweetness of water increases as more fresh water tops up the saline ground water. Farmers can take benefit of the higher ground water level for their domestic purpose through bore wells throughout the year. Kalpavriksha Foundation has constructed more than 350 Farm Ponds till FY 2021 and more than 46 crore litres of water storage potential has been generated.

We have also tried some new age water conservation techniques like Bhungroo and Urdhavam. Bhungroo is a water management system that injects and stores excess rainfall underground and lifts it out for use in dry spells. Adoption of this technology has decreased salt deposits on soil and increased fresh water supply, saving farmers from drought. Artificially recharging aquifers by adding rainwater to underground water reservoirs enables the communities to continue farming for more than half of the year. The non-saline rainwater when mixed with the underground saline water brings down the salinity of the groundwater, making it fit for agricultural use.

Farmers are educated and trained to conserve water in a systematic manner especially during rainy season. They are educated on farm practices to be carried according to the calendar months i.e. the activities to be carried out in each month, in order to get maximum benefits of natural resources.

The water conservation initiatives of the Kalpavriksha Foundation not only “Made a Difference” in the lives of coconut farmers but also helped the environment by conserving this precious resource provided by the Mother Nature.

coconut-tree Farmer Testimonials


I have over 300 coconut trees in my farm. My farming practices were not so organized and hence, I faced many difficulties in nurturing my trees to give good yields. Fortunately, from the year 2018, Parachute Kalpavriksha Foundation representatives paid regular visits to my farm and educated to about various techniques and saved my farm from pest attacks. Compared to previous yields, I am getting substantial quantity of coconuts in my farm this year

R. Natarajan
Pollachi South

I am involved in coconut farming, since 1974. Despite the experience I had in farming I was stuck, when pests like Rhinoceros Beetle attacked my trees. The Parachute Kalpavriksha Team has guided me with clear strategies on how to trap pests and arrest them. Parachute Kalpavriksha Foundation has also shared knowledge on water management techniques for increase of yield per tree and strategies to save water during drought conditions. I am very happy they are visiting my farm once in a month to guide me on various aspects of coconut farming.

Subbe Goundenpudhur

We are involved in coconut farming practice for over 25 years. Stem bleeding disease had affected our Thanjavur coconut trees to a large extent. So, we decided to call Parachute Kalpavriksha Foundation team for inspection. After inspection, their team suggested us remedies to overcome the disease. We applied those techniques and heaved a sigh of relief, on seeing the Nitrogen levels in our soil which benefited us in a higher yield of coconuts per tree. I wholeheartedly thank Parachute Kalpavriksha Foundation, for its service to farmers! Keep serving farmer community.

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